Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blood Pressure

Reena from Queens asks, "is it painful when you lose your virginity the first time?"

Yes Reena, it usually is...but it hurts some people more than others.  One big reason it hurts some people more is that they aren't relaxed and their partner rushes things.

Reena also asked:
"when I lose my virginity will I bleed once he reaches my cherry?"

It totally depends on the person.  Some people bleed, but some people may have "popped their cherry" earlier from exercise or by accident doing random stuff.

Lastly, Reena wondered, "What would happen if you have sex on your period?"

You are less likely to get pregnant...but it's not impossible!  You are also more likely to get an STD with all that blood mixing around (for example if he has a cut on his dick).  But, if you wear a condom or are married, it's not unhealthy to have sex on your period.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Excuses Excuses

Mimi, age 14, from Los Angeles writes:
Obviously I know what safe sex is and I want my Bfriend to use a condom, but he always has an excuse.  Any advice on how to get him to wear one?

Answer:  Thanks for your question Mimi!  You're our first customer :)  Like you said, safe sex is when you use  CONDOMS for him and BIRTH CONTROL for her.  But lots of guys catch an attitude when it comes time.  Here are some cool responses we found online:

If he says "it messes up the mood." you can say:  "so does your attitude."

If he says "it takes too long when I wear one". you can say:  "We have all night, what's the rush?

If he says "it doesn't feel good". you can say:  "Neither does sleeping alone"  or "maybe you should try the next size down." or "AIDS feels worse."

If he says "you won't catch anything from me". you can say:  "I know I won't, because either we use a condom or we're not having sex"  or "yeah, but you might catch something from me."

If he says "Just this once...it won't matter". you can say:  "Then just this once, I'll have to say no"  or "it only takes once."

Hopes this helps Mimi!  

...with a cherry on top!

Tabatha from New York City asks:
Does it hurt girls when you lose your V card?

wikiHow has a good an article we like about this.  Basically, it gives this advice:
1.  Use Lube! But make sure it's for sex...don't use Vaseline.
2.  Your Cherry (Hymen) doesn't feel pain...it only hurts when you have sex because your clenching your muscles.  If you relax your muscles, then it won't hurt very much.
3. Make out for a while before you have sex so you're wet.  If you're dry down there, it'll hurt more.

Hope this helps!  Good luck!


Latisha from Brooklyn asked us:

Can you pop your own cherry ?

Yes, you can break it very easily.  You can be stretching, running, horseback riding, etc..  You can also finger yourself and break it. But it's not a big deal.  If you want to learn more about your cherry, check out a video by Lacie Green by clicking HERE.